7 Things You Need To Learn By The Age Of 30 For Your Skin To Look Amazing!

Flax Fade Cream Ingredients

Ambi fade cream is a product to help discolored skin discolorations of dark colored women. Darker skin has more pigment and tends to hyperpigmentation caused by skin damage as well as patches of discolored skin. Typically affected areas are the face, elbow, armpit and knee. Ambi Fade Cream contains ingredients that can lighten the dark areas of your skin safely.


Skin bleach Hydroquinone is a major component of flax fade cream. Dermatologists agree that hydroquinone can be used to safely illuminate darker areas of the skin. Dark patches of skin may appear after injury, burns, scratches, or excessive sun exposure. Acne scars also cause discoloration of the skin. Hydroquinone helps slow melanin production and maintain skin tone.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant, protects skin cells from the sun, pollution and other factors. When added to lotions or creams such as Ambi fade creams, you can soften your skin, reduce lines and express your youthful and vivid appearance.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Alpha hydroxy acids, also known as fruit acids, are used in Ambi Fade Cream to improve product results. It will help to stimulate cell regeneration by removing the uppermost layer of skin cells. It gives the skin a healthy texture and color tone and makes the skin look younger and younger.

2 Ratio Of  Jadeite

It is an active ingredient and is a sunscreen. It absorbs UVB radiation and protects the skin from sun damage.

Ambi Fade Cream is made for women with color, but anyone who wants to get dark skin can use it. It can be used for freckles, age spots and acne scars.

Ambi Fade Cream is divided into two components: normal skin and oily skin. You can see the results within 14 days. When skin tones return to natural colors, you can stop using the product. Wear sunscreen containing 30 SPF in the open air. When exposed to the sun, the faded markings may darken again.

7 Things You Need To Learn By The Age Of 30 For Your Skin To Look amazing

It is normal in the 20’s that skin care is reduced to removing make-up before going to bed. It is normal to live in full steam, experiment, and sleeping for 4 hours to consider as a bonus. But as you become aware, you have already reached the age of 30. Then, when you look in the mirror, you will be scared of your scalp and new wrinkles and it will not be clear to you what happened. To avoid this, it’s important to know the following beauty tips to help you look amazing after 30 years of life.

1. Clean your face twice a day.
Regular cleaning will reduce the number of dead skin cells and your complexion will be more beautiful. A clean face is the perfect foundation for anti-aging products.

2. Start using a day and night face cream.
In order to prevent the appearance of signs of aging, avoid using one cream for every occasion. Night Cream will enrich your skin with oxygen and improve skin regeneration overnight, and in the morning you will really notice the difference.

3. Use creams with a protective factor.
Even if you want to catch a color, you must apply a protective face cream every day. It is important to protect your face even if you spend most of the day indoors. Nothing will slow down aging as protection against ultraviolet rays. It is best to choose a daily cream for a person with a protective factor greater than 15.

4. Place in a steam apparatus for the face.
These appliances are not very expensive, and are great for you. In the water you can add some essential oil, depending on what you want to achieve. When you open steam pores, care products will more easily penetrate the skin.

5. Avoid sugar.
Consume as much green food and less sugar and caffeine. Sugars accelerate the aging process and cause a variety of skin problems. Sugar in the body binds to proteins and collagen cells in the skin, and this process speeds up the formation of free radicals and inflammation. This, in turn, makes the cell’s normal activity more difficult, so it comes from premature aging of the skin.

6. The ACE Rule.
Get started immediately with vitamins and apply the ACE rule:

  • Vitamin A: Sweet potato, organic butter, green leafy vegetables, fish.
  • Vitamin C: Peppers, berries, broccoli.
  • Vitamin E: Nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, seeds.

Every day you eat one thing from all three groups and you will soon notice the difference in your face.

7. Not all beauticians are good.
The most important thing is to not entrust your face to anyone. Not all beauticians are good. Bad care can make you a problem that will be difficult to remove afterwards. Before going anywhere, ask and listen to recommendations only from people you trust.