Tips, Tricks & Remedies – How To Take Care Of Your Problematic Skin!

Tips For Cosmetics For Problematic Skin

Most of the advice of experienced cosmetologists comes down to one concept:

  • Care for the sensitive surface of the dermis due to nearby vessels to the surface is simply necessary because this problem is one of the most common. Such problems with sensitivity, irritability can be in people not just with dry skin but and with oily and combined skin. To take care of problem tissues, you should use special creams, tinctures that are individually selected according to individual parameters.
  • You should regularly protect your appearance from sun exposure and frost, so use sunscreen with sun protection during the summer, and in winter greasy cream for stronger moisturizing of the skin. Regular use of such skin care products leads to a significant reduction in the problem and permanently removes the problem of desquamation and rash.
  • In the care of oily and problematic skin it is desirable to perform regular cleaning. Thanks to the active work of the sebaceous glands, there are black spots, rashes are formed, the pores are enlarged and visible with the naked eye. All this is due to the fact that the sebaceous glands are expanding and they get dust, clogs pores and clogging. That such is not cleaning and cleaning regularly. People with dry skin also have problems with their appearance, although they do not produce the enzyme abundantly from the sebaceous glands, have a “mask” of dead particles on their skin – hyperkeratosis. To get rid of hyperkeratosis, cosmetologists advise every two months to visit cosmetic centers for ultrasonic peels or to use peeling with natural extracts.
  • Cell dehydration is a terrible threat to tissues and even to general human health. By drinking a small amount of water, the dermis becomes dull, losing its pink, natural, healthy shades. If the skin is still dehydrated, you should contact cosmetics. A practitioner in this field will make recommendations for caring for oily and problematic skin, choosing cream, tonic, perhaps thermal or micellar water.
  • There are certain requirements for the composition of any cosmetics. For example, if the cream contains retinol (which is a very useful component), it helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. An important requirement for the use of this product with this component is that the retinol cream can not be used in the sun as it attracts ultraviolet rays to itself and they adversely affect the dermis. Another component that attracts attention can be called heartburn. Several types of acids are used in cosmetology: citric, acetic and tartaric. All acids dry the skin, but their reaction with sunlight may not be predictable. It is worthwhile to study the composition of care products.
  • Desiring to always look good and well maintained, you need to think about your appearance from an early age. From the age of 17 it is desirable to start using different means, preparations, and services to beauticians. Take a periodic check by a dermatologist to prevent all skin diseases in time. From adolescence it is worth making a rule to apply the cream in the afternoon and in the morning. And since 22 years and night cream. For dry skin use cream based on oils, for oily and in combination with the addition of tinctures, extracts. Remember that dehydration is the main reason for aging skin!
  • Healthy lifestyle – a pledge for excellent health and excellent looks. This is the denial of alcohol, smoking will lead to normalization of the heart, which means that oxygen will start to flow in all parts of the body, the skin will begin to breathe. Regular exercise and proper nutrition will also help to improve the condition. There are several reasons for worsening appearance: it is photo-induced and chrono-induced aging. The first type of aging is related to environmental problems and pollution, and the second to biological clocks.
  • Problem skin care after 30 years using anti-aging creams.We will reveal this issue in more detail.

Problematic Skin Care After 30

After thirty years, women have wrinkles, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, swelling and swelling occur over time, and the sebaceous glands start to work worse. The rate of metabolic processes decreases, the skin loses collagen. How to properly care for our skin? By the age of thirty, the skin loses its former appeal, from this point skin tissues require different creams and sera with facelift, retinol or hyaluronic acid should be part of the preparation used.

Rules for Care and Protection of Youth:

  • Daily morning and evening cleaning. In the morning, the face should be cleansed by fats that stand out at night. To clean in the morning, use creams and lotions. If the skin is oily – it is used for extra care and tonics that include alcohol. Alcohol tonic reduces pores, removes excess fat. Evening cleaning should include the use of a makeup remover and lotion, and then apply a night cream.
  • Washing also plays an important role in preserving youth after 30 years. Washing with hot water should not be because it expands the blood vessels. Washing with lukewarm water creates a stressful situation for the skin, forcing the metabolism to accelerate. In connection with improving metabolism – muscles will become less elastic, the tissue will tighten and elastic.
  • After 30 years, attention has to be paid to anti-aging cosmetics, it is designed to preserve elasticity, elasticity and youthfulness of the dermis. When choosing cosmetics, you should pay attention to what would be appropriate for the skin type. When purchasing a new care product, you should carefully examine the composition.

It is desirable that the tools you have used are of the same brand and line.

Cosmetics For Problematic Skin

By choosing care products, you should pay attention to the label labels:

  • Clearly – this inscription shows that the main function of the drug is cleaning,
  • Purity says that this tool will make the skin clean,
  • Comodex this symbol confirms the presence of comedones,
  • Acne – for people with acne,
  • Problem skin – these creams, tonics and other care products are suitable for problematic skin,
  • Irritation – the devices with such a mark facilitate the irritation,
  • Inflammation – This inscription provides the removal of inflammatory processes.

High-quality cosmetics should remove acne, relieve inflammation, relieve acne and restore the skin to health.

High quality cosmetics should have no noisy names; it should contain only natural ingredients: bodyaga, sulfur, natural acids, potions, extracts, etc. These are the natural components that will help deal with different types of dermatological problems.

When choosing cosmetic care, you should pay special attention to the manufacturer. A company that produces cosmetics should have a great name and impeccable reputation to present its products to the market for a long time. And reviews of such products should only have a positive response. To avoid investing in a low-quality product, you should ask for a cosmetician’s recommendations. The more popular brands that offer quality products consist of shelves of elite well-known stores and boutiques that offer their customers only licensed products. All self-respecting brands develop complex lines for skin care on a case-by-case basis, problem, skin type and age.

Skin care should be treated very carefully and carefully. We need to start at the age of thirty when the problem is already on the threshold or passed but when it is still very far away. It is advisable to start taking care of in adolescence and there will be no problems in the mature. After all, it is better to prevent the problem than to eliminate it, right?

Problematic Skin Care At Home

Problem skin can be treated not only in special clinics, centers, salons, but also at home, which will bring even greater effect than occasional salon treatments. This is because home care can be regular and cheap, but in the modern world it is very important. Several good masks can be prepared and applied at home:

  • The first mask is a mask of curd and cucumber. These two components should be mixed and applied for 15 minutes to all areas except the area around the eyes and lips. Such a mask can soothe the inflammation of the face.
  • The second mask is a mask of zucchini, cucumber and honey. All ingredients are mixed and stored for 30 minutes on the face – thanks to these components the skin is absorbed by moisture.

To get rid of the black spots, it is important not only to clear and peel, but also to eat. The food should not be oily, salty, spicy. You can focus on fish, lemons, spinach.

Exfoliants against acne can be made from a plain slurry of coffee, mashed potatoes and salt, or sea salt and face cream. Against acne, tea tree oil is a very effective remedy, it is enough to wipe the face once a day and the result will appear in a week – the number of congestion has decreased.

Facial massage tones and causes metabolic processes in the skin, helping to restore and clean the pores.

The right choice of cosmetics will help skin care so that the base that is designed for dry or combined skin will not be greasy because it contains oil.

For oily yoghurt derm mask, yeast and apples, egg white and citric acid, oatmeal, green tea and white clay are perfect.

To make a mask of oat flakes, it is enough to pour them with boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of honey, then boil and cool when the mask becomes warm, apply it on the entire face and wait 20-30 minutes. The skin will become drier and silky.

To take care of the problem skin, you should use only high quality and natural products, and use the services of a cosmetician and dermatologist whenever possible.


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