Products For Skin Healing!

Because of its sensitivity, the skin is susceptible to damage. Some of the effects of the injuries are treated for a long time. In this case, the wounds may fall and become inflamed.

Pharmacies offer a variety of medicines to fight skin damage. They have different indications and contraindications. To choose an ointment, you should check out the available products.


The argosulfan cream contains silver sulfathiazole. The substance has a strong bactericidal action.

  • elimination of bacterial lesions;
  • wound healing on the surface of the skin;
  • relieve the pain of the affected areas.

Argosulfan is prescribed to eliminate the effects of frostbite, burns, abrasions and home wounds, purulent inflammation, ulcers. Often, the agent is used to treat contact dermatitis, impetigo, bacterial eczema.

After the cream is applied to the skin, the active substance is absorbed into the blood. After some time it is excreted through the kidneys. That is why the tool is used with caution.

Argosulfan can be used alone or under bandages. Apply a few millimeters of the skin on the skin surface. Treatment is done 3-4 times a day until complete recovery of the skin. Do not exceed the duration of more than 2 months.


Levomekol is a combination agent containing an antibiotic and a substance that stimulates immune protection. Available in the form of aluminum tubes or glass jars.

The drug’s characteristic is that bacteria slowly develop resistance to it. That is why you can use an ointment for a long time. It is thought to be effective for purulent discharge of wounds.

The antibiotic levomycetine can eliminate various anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Therefore, it is considered a broad-spectrum tool.

Thanks to methyluracil, it improves metabolic processes in cells. Because of this healing is much faster. It also counteracts inflammatory reactions.

You can use Levomekol when:

  • purulent wounds;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • lowers;
  • inflammatory organisms after burns.


Effective curative ointment for the face is Cycander.

You can use the tool safely. That is why doctors recommend the drug even in childhood. This is due to the extracts in the composition:

Homeopathic ointment is restorative. Helps speed up the regeneration of affected tissues.


Solcaceryl contains a substance of the same name. This is dialysis of blood from a calf treated with chemical and biological standardization.

On sale, the agents are available in the form of gel and ointment. They have the same effect, but they differ in the auxiliary components.

Holoseril can be used for skin lesions.

Ointment is prescribed in case of:

  • the consequences of burns;
  • difficult healing wounds;
  • pressure ulcers;
  • ulcers;
  • radiation injury.

It promotes tissue repair, activates oxygen delivery and improves collagen production.

In the presence of open wounds, gel is used more often. It has a reduced fat content. If the wounds are covered with bark, then the use of an ointment is indicated. It forms a protective film on the surface of the damage.


Like the composition of Solcoserylu, there is Actovegin. If fresh deep cuts and wounds are present, gel is used. While the wounds are slowly healed, the anointing tends to speed up the healing period.

The device regenerates the skin and enhances the metabolic processes in the affected area. Helps the damaged cells to regenerate faster.

The non-toxic drug is prescribed for:

  • wound healing;
  • mucosal treatment;
  • eliminating the effects of thermal, solar, chemical, radiation burns;
  • surface treatment of the skin during transplantation;
  • Pressure ulcers elimination in bed patients.

It should be administered under sterile dressing once a day.


Means Panthenol has the form of a spray release. It contains dexpanthenol, which during its application becomes pantothenic acid. It activates the regenerative processes in tissues.

The advantage of the drug is the lack of need to apply fingers. It must be sprayed on the affected area. The cells then begin to proliferate vigorously, causing the skin to tighten.

Most often, Panthenol is used to treat wounds and burns. That’s why he has a high rating among healing tools.


Among the treatments for wound healing, Baneocin is considered effective. It must be in the first-aid kit of each family. After all, the medicine is universal in terms of various skin lesions.

Apply ointment to open wounds and small scratches. It consists of antibiotics basontrant and neomycin, which have a powerful bactericidal effect. Thanks to this, Banneosin prevents the purulent damage.

Due to antibiotics in the drug composition is not used for burns and wounds too deep. However, doctors often recommend to lubricate them with seams after surgery so they do not cause large scars.


The drug Astroderm is an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory agent, helping to eliminate hematomas.

It is prescribed for the treatment of:

Astroderm has a natural foundation, therefore, has efficiency and safety. Thanks to the active skin components, regeneration takes place in accelerated mode.

It is possible to use the product for significant damage (thermal burns, open wounds). Prevents infection of the affected area.

Astroderm is used to damage the face. It can also be used as a prophylactic to protect the skin from the harmful effects of wind, moisture, cold, chlorine.

In addition to restoring the skin, the tool lightens its surface. The action of the drug is due to the composition of panthenol, vitamins E and B5.


Wound healing treatment Eplan helps to quickly restore the skin with burns, purulent lesions, ulcers, psoriasis, eczema. He fights skin itching and insect bite effects.

The action of the ointment is directed to:

  • improving the blood clotting process;
  • stimulating prothrombin synthesis for wound cleansing;
  • elimination of the inflammatory process;
  • repair of fabrics.

In addition, doctors elicit analgesic and bactericidal properties of the ointment.

Apply on the affected skin. It affects the tissue for 8 hours.


Known for all sausage ointments, presented in the form of a soft pipe.

The instrument is defined when:

  • burns;
  • wounds;
  • scrapes;
  • rash of diaper;
  • haematomas;
  • bruises;
  • cracks;
  • inflammation;
  • acne disease.

The medication is made from natural ingredients. In order to stimulate the metabolic processes, it has the composition of sea buckthorn oil. Thanks to beeswax, the inflammatory process is eliminated and the bacteria are destroyed. Due to milk lipids, a film is formed on the surface of the skin to prevent evaporation of moisture and drying of the skin. In this case, wounds are treated more quickly.

The anesthetic action of the savior is especially valuable. Improvements may be noted 2-3 hours after administration. The medicine is prescribed even during pregnancy and lactation.


In the presence of fresh scars of keloid and hypertrophic species, a Dermatics gel is prescribed. It contains organic and inorganic silicon compounds to stop the growth of keloid tissues. In this case the problem zones are not dried.

  • low scars;
  • preventing scarring;
  • maintaining moisture in the skin.

Despite all the benefits, the drug has obvious disadvantages. It has no antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it can only be used in combination with other means. However, it is still effective in preventing scarring and scarring.

Vishnevski ointment

In the first-aid kit of each family there is a vinegar ointment. Used for various skin lesions to treat wounds.

As part of the funds available:

The drug has one distinctive feature: it pulls purulent content. Therefore, some time after use, it is possible to notice an increase in the inflammatory process. Once this formation is opened, the wounds are cleaned and the surface dries out. Therefore, Vishnevski ointment is recommended for use with:

  • inflammatory skin diseases;
  • infected burns;
  • wounds and trophic ulcers at the healing site.

Doctors often prescribe medication in the postoperative period to eliminate the likelihood of seizure inflammation.

Zinc Ointment

The zinc ointment has a slight structure. When applying wounds and skin damage:

  • helps to speed up tissue repair;
  • disinfects the surface of the skin;
  • drying wetlands;
  • forms a film to protect the damage;
  • eliminates the inflammatory process.

Recommended for skin pathology, presence of pressure wounds, injuries, diaper rash. Apply the composition 3-4 times a day.

Every remedy has a special effect. That is why it is not always easy to choose the drugs themselves. The doctor has to assess the degree of damage based on how to prescribe ointment or cream.

Early healing wounds for open wounds

Any injury with disruption of skin integrity requires special treatment of the wound surface with therapeutic agents. With open wounds, rapid wound healing plasters are ideal, which accelerates the regeneration of injured tissues and prevents infections. Think about budget options for ointments and creams to treat open injuries.

Cheap quick-acting ointments for wound healing

Most patients with exposed panic injuries are ready to give some money for medicines just to improve quickly. But to get faster, you do not have to pay much. There are cheap products that are not less effective in treating wounds than their dear colleagues. Here are cheap ointments for open wounds that have a pronounced wound healing effect.

For cheap quick acting ointments include:

All of these products have similar properties and stimulate wound healing. The table shows the average cost of medicines:

Here are cheap regenerating, antiseptic and antibacterial ointments. They differ in composition, but all help speed up the epithelization of damaged tissues.

Which wound healer is better to use?

Actovegin gives the most powerful effect of wound healing. Due to the complex effect of activating tissue metabolism, improving cellular trophism, accelerating regenerative processes, the ointment provides the fastest and safest cure of wounds of any size and origin.

The medicine has no age-related contraindications, is safe for children, pregnant women and is therefore considered to be the best means of regeneration.