Radiofrequency Treatment – For Face And Body!

Radiofrequency On Face And Body

Radiofrequency is regulated deepening of the skin with a probe that leads to enhancement of the metabolism station, Increasing the muscle strength and elasticity of the tissues and triggering of the fibroplast and the formation of a new collagen.

Successfully reduces cellulite and local fatty deposits, removes stretch marks and acne, and radiofrequency successfully makes non-surgical lifting of face and neck and tightening of breasts.

  • Radiofrequency is successfully used in the following indications:
  • rejuvenation of the skin (rejuvenation, collagen recovery)
  • improve muscle tone
  • removing cellulite
  • removal of fatty deposits
  • stretching the skin on the face and body
  • removing subtasks
  • raising eyelids
  • removing red stretch marks and scars
  • acne therapy
  • physical therapy
Radiofrequency warms the body by means of an electric field that occurs between two electrodes (applicator and reference electrode). The voltage between the electrodes quickly passes from the positive to the negative and interacts with each other and rejects electron by compaction of ions.

Natural resistance (motion) of the tissue of the movement leads to heat generation, resulting in vasodilatation, improvement of the matabolism, increased muscle tone and elasticity of the tissues by activating the fibroplast and creating a new collagen.

The result is a significantly improved appearance, color and tone on the skin that becomes tense, smooth, and both damage and wrinkles are significantly less visible. In anti-cellulite and weight loss treatments, by heating the fat deposits in the hypodermis, they melt.

Due to radio frequency exposure, partial ablation / coagulation, as well as microtraumatic stimulation of the skin cells, results in the stimulation of fibroblasts directed towards the synthesis of collagen and other skin components.

The small diameter of the microbes with fractional radio frequency thermolysis reduces the level of damage to the skin without affecting all the tissues that promote healing, making the dermis recovery process more efficient because most of the epidermis and the genus of the layer remain unchanged. The result of such measures is the smoothing of the irregularities of the skin, the reduction of the pores, filling small scars.

The use of medicinal and cosmetic products using dermal scooters and non-injection methods

The use of drugs is selected by the physician individually, based on the scar / scar condition to remove from the surface of the skin, which can also be applied to treatment procedures using laser methods.

Cryoderdation of keloid scars and cryotherapy for prevention and improvement of acne
Chemical scales – for shallow scars.

Microdermabrasion – in other words, mechanical grinding. This method is suitable for removing very small scars from the surface of the skin.

Plastic – for scars and scars, which can be removed surgically.

All of the above methods for dealing with acne disease do not have almost any bad feelings and are done without anesthesia (or using local anesthesia) and do not include stay in the clinic.

The duration of the procedure for acne treatment is an average of 30-40 minutes, and because the procedures are not invasive, the patient does not have to stay in the medical facility following the necessary procedures and can immediately return to everyday life, but it should be remembered that the process for regeneration of the skin for 7 days, during which it is necessary to take care of the problematic skin in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

The number of sessions for treatment of acne can be estimated from 4 to 6, depending on the degree of stiffness of the affected area of ​​the skin. The results expected after the acne treatment guarantee 40-90% of the successful outcome, depending on various factors: type, severity, scar age, and treatment that was formerly performed.

However, it is worth noting that acne is a chronic disease, which means that it is necessary to treat the source of this disease, and then eradicate its effects (scars, skin distortion).

In our clinic we use all known methods of diagnosing and further treating the causes of acne.
Radio frequency (RF) energy is used to tighten and shape hands, feet, back, stomach, thighs and hips, as well as to improve the appearance and condition of the striae. Fat cells receive RF energy and melts.

Glycerin tripalmitate exits the fat cells and with pyrolysis goes to FFA and glycerol LPL. Released fatty acids go into the blood, merge with the whole protein, then go to the liver, through which they are released from the body.

You can feel skin collection, wrinkles and stretch marks are reduced. It is important that during the therapy, the client holds an individually tailored, moderate, balanced diet.

Radiofrequency is also important in physiotherapy, deep heat allows the treatment of various pathologies of the locomotor apparatus, strengthens the muscular connective tissue. New work indicates that this treatment accelerates up to 50 percent in conjunction with vacuum RTD treatment, recovering after acute injury or soft tissue trauma.