Homemade Cosmetics – Beneficial or Damaging?

In the pursuit of naturalness, some girls abandon industrial creams and move to home-made cosmetics. Recipes and experts on the Internet a lot. Cosmetic Zoya Boctereva tells if there is a benefit of homemade creams.

What’s Behind The Nature

I was very surprised when my patient said she used cosmetics, making Altai’s “qualified specialist” house. I could not get rid of the three thoughts. What specialist, in which area? Under what circumstances are their “elixirs” prepared and taken away from the components? What are quality and origin?

These experts claim that their creams are made from natural ingredients. Similarly, this is not chemistry that is being prepared in plants. I do not want to offend anyone, but if you look at the composition, it turns out the following: Manufacturers take oil (and finished bottles in factories), these oils insist grass (which contains these herbs?), Added to emulsifiers (used polavaks – vegetable emulsifier palm oil, it is still used to make soap only in different proportions). How about preservatives? They can not be. Without them home-made cosmetics will be suitable for no more than a week. Commonly used “green” phenoxyethanol preservative. This compound may cause various side effects, such as skin irritation.

My opinion: If you really try these creams, it is better to experiment yourself. Here you will be sure to put it there. Herbs should be harvested in environmentally friendly places, not near roads. You should not have allergies to the ingredients, it is good and be sure of the quality of the oils you use. You should keep an eye on the expiration date. Keep in mind that a person without a formal education who adheres to all these conditions is extremely difficult. In factories where cosmetic products are produced, all processes are developing. There are plants where plants are grown, and in laboratories the compatibility of all ingredients is observed.


Another option is to use sour cream, to rub oatmeal and other foods. For example, our mothers “rejuvenated” with cucumbers in their eyes. There was a shortage of everything in the USSR, and not every woman could afford good makeup. And now, obviously, the market is saturated. Some people use sour cream and a cucumber mask as the only way to take care of yourself.

But to be honest, some modern products, especially vegetables, are not in the season, sometimes scary to eat, not what to put on the skin. The natural ingredients (if you are sure of their naturalness) are good in addition to the main care, but not the only way.

Is There Any Sense In Handmade Cosmetics?

Women always look for a way to look younger. It seems to me that those women who have failed to solve skin problems using storage devices resort to natural creams. There may be many reasons.

The cream performs a protective function (from adverse factors, evaporation of moisture, can bleach and provide local acne treatment). To find the right makeup, you need to understand the care information, consult a cosmetician – and given the type of skin and anxiety problem, choose a good cream. Pricing policy is very diverse and anyone can find an option for their budget. If the cream does not fit, it can be replaced, this is not a problem.

But caring for yourself is not just cosmetics. Proper nutrition, physical activity – this is what keeps beauty and health. Maybe if the cream does not give the desired result, you need to reconsider your way of life.

We should not forget the saloon procedures. As a cosmetician I attach great importance to massage (massage alone, if we talk only about home care), hardware techniques (micro-currents, plating, ultrasonic cleaning), mesotherapy. All these procedures to improve the quality of the skin as well as the use of creams fades into the background: one person will turn more money.

On the other hand, in the field of nanotechnology, the era of breakthroughs in medicine and industry produces its own creams – it is more of a ritual sacrament. If you have a lot of time and patience, if it soothes you, if you care for yourself in this way it makes you happy, then why not. The main thing – to use qualitative ingredients and responsible attitude to the process of production and storage.

Which Home Recipes Really Work

Tincture of marigold. It is sold in pharmacies. An indispensable tool for acne. Apply to the problem area with a cotton swab 3-4 times a day. It means stopping the process of maturing acne and killing bacteria that cause inflammation.

Calcium chloride. With his help, you can hold the so-called Hollywood peel. To do this, pour the contents of an ampoule into your palm, rub it and apply it on the cleansed face. As soon as it’s dry, re-apply the product and do it three times. Then wash your hands abundantly with normal soap and vigorously rub your face on the massage lines. Soap ingredients will begin to combine with calcium chloride. The resulting dense mass will remove the upper layer of keratinized particles of the skin and will gently clean the face.

Hydrogen peroxide. A known antiseptic. Dilute the peroxide in water in a 1: 1 ratio and use as a face lotion. Peroxide will relieve unwanted pigmentation and reduce the risk of skin diseases.

Badyaga. It has a local polishing effect on the skin. Reduces wrinkles, scars, stretch marks on the skin. To prepare your own mask, you will need a glass of water, two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (if the skin is porous, dense) and a bag of bajaja (you can buy at a pharmacy). Take a small bowl. Mix all the ingredients in it. The resulting mass is applied to skin problems. Leave for five minutes, then rinse with plenty of water.




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