Facial Bleach – What Is It, What Are Its Benefits And How Is It Done?

Ideal velvet skin is the dream of every woman. However, obstacles often arise on the way to desirable perfection. Certainly one of them is the advent of age spots.


The reason for such unpleasant problems can be different:
  • excessive exposure to sun and solarium;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gynecological diseases and endocrine problems;
  • age pigmentation;
  • inflammation in the deep layers of the skin. Once the skin problems remain subspace-like pigmentation;
  • skin trauma. For example, burns, deep peeling, surgery or even peeling of the skin;
  • liver and gastrointestinal disease.

To get rid of age spots, you need to contact a skin bleaching procedure .

Having a procedure for skin bleaching is most effective, you should consult a doctor (cosmetician, dermatologist) to determine the cause of the stains. Dermatologist carries diagnostic layers of the skin. Then the doctor determines the phototype of the patient’s skin.

The maturity of the skin is also determined, as well as the presence of hidden age spots. It has been shown that so much skin blemishes, softer bleaching techniques are used. After all, the smoldering skin contains within itself many granules of pigment in the deepest layers. And if you simultaneously influence the cause of the pigment and immediately eliminate it, this has achieved the best possible results for its bleaching.

Existing skin bleaching services:

  • peeling;
  • lightening pigmentation with a laser;
  • mesotherapy;
  • whitening care;
  • healing and cosmetics.


It is necessary to exfoliate the top layer of the skin with a pigment. The procedure helps to refresh the cells. After all, a layer of pigment skin is renewed with new skin and spots disappear.

If the stain does not mature, it means that it bed in the deepest layers of the skin, here is a procedure of exhidition with gydroquinone and retinol.

This procedure is three types:

  • surface level
  • surface-to-middle level
  • the average level.

First, a few peeling procedures are performed. Then for a few superficial-average procedures, and after the skin is already ready, the procedure is performed on the average peel.

Peeling at the middle level is characterized by the formation of a crust, which disappears in 4 days. Then the face becomes very tender and has a pink hue. During the passage procedures, peeling, the face should be protected from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you should use special creams and rejuvenating agents.

It is not worth to give up night protection, for example, gydroquinone preparations, antioxidants and retinol. All the tools do not allow the skin to re-create cell pigment. And if everything is done properly and follow the doctor’s advice, then peeling can be done constantly.


This type of bleaching is performed using special nozzles. For example, to remove the freckles on the face, only three pulses are needed on each odd speck.

Excellent gilding and pigment spots, which have a darker shade, need only a single impulse.

And here’s a freckled light hue requiring a combination of both procedures – laser and peeling . After procedures, you need home skin care and bleaching.

The same old spots on the face, hands, neck and décolleté that are eliminated through effective laser skin rejuvenation procedures in lighting mode. In this case, the laser acts not only on the spot, but will also eliminate the very reason for it to occur.


This procedure is introduced into the deepest layers of skin pigment bleaching agent. Which allows the capture of a cocktail to the area of ​​immature cells of the pigment. Bleaching drugs serve as antioxidants, vitamin C and plant components.


This is a combination of both procedures, as is clear from the title, peeling and mesotherapy . Peeling + Meso allows brightening skin with just one procedure.

Of course, bleaching of freckles and pigmentation is best . You can, of course, try to fade non-visceral spots at home, with slices of lemon or cucumber. Only folk means are not provided as the bigger and quicker effect as the above procedure. Here, these aggressive procedures such as deep phenoil peels or laser peels can give a new range of problems – special pigmentation.

So, only individual procedure selection and just the right skin care after the procedures, observing a cosmetician and healing cosmetics, to the desired result: spots and freckles disappear, your skin will become white, and the appearance will improve.