Learn more about Aloe Vera and its benefits!

Aloe Vera has been long used in beauty products and this is mostly due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. However, this wonderful plant is also known to be effective in treating everything from constipation to diabetes, which proves it has a wide range of abilities.

This plant can be commonly found in products as beauty creams, diet supplements, healthy juices, and other various types of products. Moreover, it is safe to say that Aloe Vera can be found in almost everything we use and this is because of the many benefits it provides.

The aloe vera is a plant that grows to around one or two feet in height. On its body it has prickly, bitter leaves that ensure protection from insects and animals. The main ingredient of this plant is stored in its leaves. This substance is called the translucent gel which is extremely bitter but it’s also the part that makes this plant so special.

The translucent gel is made of 96 percent water, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and a type of protein that contains 18 to 20 amino acids. And finally, the most crucial element found in aloe vera gel is a complex carbohydrate called acemannan. It is successful in letting nutrients reach the cells and relieve them of their toxins. According to British and Chinese medicine, when applied orally, aloe vera has amazing healing properties.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for weight loss

Not only is aloe vera used popularized by the beauty industry, but it is also more and more used in the health industry. Due to its many benefits, it is used all over the world in the form of creams, gels, and juices. “Aloe Vera can improve your diet’s effectiveness and maximize your potential for weight loss” says Britt Brandon, the author of The Everything Guide To Aloe Vera For Health.

Aloe vera combined with appropriate amounts of vitamins, enzymes, sterols, amino acids, and minerals ensures not only weight loss but also improves your body’s utilization and absorption, while significantly improving your overall health.

Studies have shown that this plant is effective in the weight-loss process, but it must be consumed regularly for a longer period.

Aloe vera provides your body with big amounts of energy and helps with muscle development owing to it having large amounts of protein in its structure.

Aloe Vera for skin

Surely, you have heard of the great effect of aloe vera face and skin creams. Well, what we suggest is even better. Apply natural aloe vera gel on your skin and witness the soothing and cooling effect of this miracle herb. Aloe vera is commonly used to treat dry skin, minor cuts, wounds, and even severe burns.

According to Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, the anti-aging and nourishing qualities of the gel are a result of having beta carotene and vitamins E and C as a part of its structure.

She also recommends drinking aloe vera juice to soothe any type of stomach trouble and to ensure proper digestion. Moreover, being healthy on the inside instantly shows on the outside and in this case results as healthy, clear skin.

Aloe vera-based products can be used by people of all skin types and both during the winter and summer.

  • Aloe vera scrub

For this you need two tablespoons of lemon juice, a cup of sugar, and half a cup of fresh aloe vera gel. The aloe vera will clean the skin, while the sugar will exfoliate the dead skin cells and the lemon juice will help remove scars. To prepare this scrub simply stir the three ingredients together. It may be used for both face and body.

  • Aloe vera for sensitive skin

Take some rose oil, cucumber juice, yogurt, and aloe vera gel and blend them well together. Then, apply it and leave it on for 20 minutes. When done rinse it off gently.

  • Aloe vera for acne

To prepare this you need some aloe vera gel, some honey, and blended walnuts. The anti-oxidants from the honey combined with aloe vera’s healing properties result in clear and smooth skin.

  • Aloe vera for dry skin

One teaspoon of honey, a pinch of turmeric, one teaspoon of milk, some aloe vera, and a few drops of rose water is all you need. Put the needed ingredients in a bowl and blend them until you get a pasty-like mix. Then, apply it on your skin and leave it to work for about 20 minutes.

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