What Is AFT Hair Removal And What Are Its Benefits?

AFT hair removal is the development of the Israeli company Alma Lasers, which considers the drawbacks of existing methods for laser removal and photo epilation such as pain and impact on skin color result and eliminates them.

Now, this technology is used not only to remove unwanted hair but also to rejuvenate, treat rosacea, remove scars after acne and pigment spots, remove ticks and other skin tumors.

Alma Lasers created the Harmony XL device to carry out procedures using AFT technology. A nozzle is used for the SHR (Super Hair Removal).

It should be noted separately that the term “laser AFT epilation” is not quite true. It has nothing to do with lasers. From article to article, the same error is repeated on the Internet that this procedure is performed on a Soprano XL based on an 810 nm diode laser.

For example, here is the app for the device:

But the diode removal nozzle:

AFT hair is an improved version of photo epilation for which the Israeli company has developed and introduced several technological innovations. Below we consider each of them in order.

Mechanism Of Action

Expanded fluorescence technology translates as “Advanced Fluorescence Technology.” Its essence is in using special filters that cut off those portions of the spectrum used for photo epilation that is ineffective to remove hair. In photo epilation, damage to the hair follicle occurs under the influence of light radiation with a wavelength of 500 to 1200 nm.

Best of all, the melanin pigment absorbs short rays with a wavelength of 450-600 nanometers, but such radiation can not penetrate deep enough. Therefore, the cosmic wrinkle removal filters have cut off the left side of the spectrum and leave the light radiation at wavelengths from 755 to 1200 nm. In addition, nozzles use a unique system for even distribution of radiation, which allows the use of a rectangular impulse rather than a peak.

Rectangular impulse allows less energy to have a more intense and lasting effect on hair melanin.

Less process tenderness and widespread use of hair removal and hair loss are achieved by cooling the skin during the procedure due to the effect of Peltier and the use of In-Motion technology. The technology allows you to process the skin’s surface without skipping hair out of the hair and eliminating overheating.

Pros And Cons Of Technology

The benefits of this hair removal are that using filters, some of the useless parts of the spectrum (up to 700-755 nm) are converted to radiation from the near-infrared portion of the spectrum. This means that:

  • there is no part of the spectrum that usually causes damage to the skin, which means there is no risk of burns, the probability of prolonged redness;
  • can be used on skin with a light type over III (dark skin);
  • there is no risk of the appearance of pigment spots, no sunbathing restrictions, and a solarium visit after the procedure;
  • The redistribution of energy between light waves of different lengths, from useless to efficient, gives a much more pronounced effect than the cosmetic procedure.

How Is The Procedure?

Before the first procedure, consultation is required to visually determine the type of skin light, pigmentation and hair thickness, the ratio of hair pigmentation and skin color, skin sensitivity to pain. Sometimes it can be done on a small part of the body.

A special gel is applied to the skin at the site of the intended exposure, with the nozzle making rapid movements over the gel, slightly touching the skin. As a result, the client only experiences a slight numbness. The remaining gel is then washed or removed with a napkin. It takes a little time: Underarms are processed for 15 minutes, deep bikini for 30 minutes.

Skin Care After Application!

It is desirable to use a light peel and a moisturizer for prevention. However, if there is no tendency for hair growth, no extra care is required.

This is the best that is now for removing hair!

I want to share with you my experience in hardware hair removal! By nature, I’m not very hairy, and I’ve never been worried about any way to remove the unwanted vegetation in my body. But a friend was “asked” to go with her in a new procedure in the epilating studio. The procedure was called epilating, and the epilation workshop’s website was written that the procedure was painless and removed the hair forever. We could not believe it, so we decided to check it out.

Signed for the procedure and came to the epilating studio at the appointed time. Oh, yeah, you have to come to the procedure with “hairs,” the length of the hairs should not exceed 3 mm. And do not have to do sunbathing 10 days before the procedure.

Immediately make a reservation. I did not expect any magical effect of this procedure. I did not believe in it!

As we were confident, the hairs would start to fall around for 5-10 days after the procedure. So I lay down on the couch, anointed with a gel (the usual ultrasound gel), and started moving back and forth on my leg with the attachment of the camera (I started epilating my legs knees). Before that, the cosmetician took a few moments on my hand in a test mode to test the skin’s sensitivity and determine the strength that was right for me.

The procedure was really painless and very fast. My legs on my knees were processed for about half an hour. After that, I felt like a warm breeze on my feet. I generally liked the procedure and paid back to my left)). After 6 days, a friend called me, and we went to the procedure. She made the bikini zone procedure and happily informed me that she had lost her bikini hair.

Why do I not have NO? After talking to a friend, I ran into the bathroom to look at my legs) my hair grew, and I even took a kick and started shaving – I admit honestly: I was a little upset pity to spend money and time I took one hair and pulled out. He stayed on my fingers and went out without the pain. “I started to pull my fingers through the hairs, and I realized they were already dead and just” sitting ” in the skin with inertia.

In short, I saw the result of the procedure. A month later, she came for 2 treatments. The hairs of 1 procedure, which I disappeared probably 30-40%, but as I was told, this percentage is individual for everyone. I went to the epilation procedure every month for 5 months (i.e., 5 procedures). I would also say that somewhere after 2 procedures, hair did not fall, and the next one grew, but as slow and thin as the baby, therefore between the procedures, it is not possible to shave them throughout the MONTH.

I would also say that somewhere after 2 procedures, hair did not fall, and the next ones grew, but as slow and thin as the baby, so it is not possible to shave them throughout the MONTH between the procedures. Which is very pleased. 5 procedures), I would also say that somewhere after 2 procedures, hair did not fall, and the next ones grew, but as slow and thin as the baby, so it is not possible to shave them throughout the MONTH between the procedures.

After 5 treatments, all the hair fell, and the new ones did not grow. So I do not shave my hair for a year now @ very happy about it. A friend is also doing very well. She made bikinis and needed 7 procedures, but it’s also individual for every girl.

This month, the hairs on the legs started to appear a little, but they are very thin, as the children warned me that I had to repeat the procedure once a year instead of the course, but ONE procedure per year. For me, this is a very good procedure and convenience, making a woman’s life in the modern world very easy.

AFT Hair Removal
What is AFT hair, and what are its benefits?

AFT Hair Removal – Advanced Fluorescence Technology – Improved Fluorescence Technology. It is a powerful light pulse with a length of 700-1000 nanometers, which has a right angled stroke and allows large-area processing in one coating. It is done on a Harmony Xl machine with an SHR (Super Hair Removal) tip. The rectangular impulse deeply and strongly influences hair melanin, but the energy consumption for this process is much smaller than the current photo epilation.

The importance of this hardware technique is to use an innovative filter that can get more radiation by treating the unused portion of the spectrum (its short and ultraviolet parts). However, the strength during the procedure does not increase.

Unlike other hardware hair removal techniques, AFT hair removal is not dangerous because of its features.

Features and Benefits of Hair Removal:

  1. There are no side effects such as burns, peeling, redness, and hair growth.
  2. Unified and high-quality study of each area without overheating thanks to the inMotion’s mobile nozzle. The nozzle cleans even the smallest hairs.
  3. A small number of sessions are enough to remove excess hair completely.
  4. You can epilate any color and hair type on any skin.
  5. Vascular diseases (varicose veins, asterisks) are not contraindications.
  6. It does not cause the formation of pigment spots.

In addition, the procedure is not painful, which is ensured by cooling the skin during hair removal, lack of skin heating, and constant movement of the nozzle. And the fact that this is true confirms that the reviews have already tried the procedure.

The new AFT epilation is ideal for women and men who want to get rid of excessive “vegetation” in different areas of the skin. Remember, not every technology to remove space hardware is power.

Epilating according to this method effectively removes the hair of the following skin areas:

  1. All areas of the person.
  2. Neck.
  3. Hands.
  4. The legs.
  5. Bikini and deep bikini.
  6. Chest.
  7. Stomach.
  8. Spina.
  9. Axillary cavities.

Thus, using one technique, you can get rid of excess hair for up to 11 sessions. Keep in mind that before the hair removal occurs, in some cases, the cosmetician often prescribes sessions by combining techniques for different areas of the skin.

Skin Preparation

For AFT hair removal to meet expectations, it is important to prepare properly. To do this, fulfill the following requirements:

  1. For deep cleansing of the skin with a peel or a glove box (used in a hammam).
  2. Remove hair with a machine (except the area above the lip).
  3. Pay attention to sufficient daily hydration of the skin.
  4. Refrain from sunburn, both physically and saloon (it is better to perform the procedure in the winter) for at least 2 weeks.

In addition to the preparation, AFT hair is preceded by consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetic dermatologist. Only after that can you start the desired hair removal.

Conduct The Procedure

The process of removing hair on the body looks like this:

  1. The patient sets up on a special chair or sofa, the one-time sheet imposed. He takes a comfortable position to feel comfortable.
  2. The cosmetician puts protective optics on the patient and himself.
  3. The doctor applies a contact gel over the entire area treated.
  4. By manipulating the nozzle of Harmony X1, the procedure is performed.

At the end of the session, at the client’s request, the cosmetician applies a hair growth suppressant.

The duration of such a procedure ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour. So, for example, AFT armpit hair removal will take only 15 minutes. And the bikini area will take about 30 minutes.

As a rule, 8 procedures are sufficient to maximize removal even on the darkest hair. A tangible effect of the procedure can be seen after 11 days.

The rehabilitation following the procedure is that panthenol ointment should be used for rapid skin regeneration with possible redness.

Even though removing hair on the body is the safest and most nonsteroidal, there are still many cases where it is not recommended.

Removal of hair particles is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Period of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Tumors of different origins.
  • Skin damage, including inflammation and rash.
  • Discovered acute, chronic, infectious diseases.
  • Diabetes and other diseases of the endocrine system.
  • Fresh tan was obtained less than 2 weeks ago, before the procedure.
  • Gray hair.

Adhering to these recommendations will alert you to possible complications and side effects of the procedure. For example, if hair removal on the body is done on freshly burned skin, redness may remain after the session. On the other hand, no consequences are noticed if the recommendations are followed, and the procedure is done properly.

As a rule, the procedure did not have time to appear, as those who have encountered their impact on themselves already write reviews about it. AFT removal of hair is no exception. On the relevant sites and in the blogosphere, you can always know the procedure that will help you decide.




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